Our Mission


Definition of vision and mission: 

A vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what an organization wants to ultimately become. A mission statement focuses on today and what an organization does to achieve it.



Our Vision


Class rooms are air conditioned and other spaces in each building of the school adheres to the needs of the students. The library is an important space comprising of selected books for references as well as books on fiction, mythology, social issues, history and environment etc. A qualified librarian is present to assist the children.

The School has well equipped laboratories for biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics to cater to all the practical aspects of the curriculum. The Computer Centre enhances the I.T capabilities of students making them up-to-date with today’s skills. Students also work on Science models.

The Audio Visual room is the epicenter of the school with ongoing screenings of movies, on environment, wild life, live lectures and power point presentations by teachers and students. A large auditorium accommodates the students for debates and discussions. Story telling sessions, exhibitions, elocutions, art and craft workshops all happen here. An Activity Hall is an assigned room for the practice of dance, drama, singing, model making and theatre workshops.